The Digital Health & Wellness Summit 2017 is back in Barcelona as part of the 4YFN 2017 event developed by the European Connected Health Alliance (ECHAlliance).

The objective of DHWS17 is to showcase the best innovators bringing digital technologies to improve healthcare delivery around the world.

The DHWS17 provides the matchmaking between the solutions suppliers and their customers (policy-makers, hospitals, insurers). It is also the main place for digital health startups to meet investors and create Digital health champions.



Day 1 – Monday 27 February 2017


FIRA Montjuic, Plaça Espanya, Barcelona

Montjuic Room

 10:20 Welcome, introduction


Bleddyn REES, Digital Health Consultant and Lawyer at Osborne Clarke, Board Director at ECHAlliance (Moderator)


10:30 Virtual Reality and Games

The main challenges that the healthcare systems are facing nowadays are related to peoples’ behaviour changes. Technologies and concepts coming from the video games industry, such as Virtual or Augmented Reality (VR/AR), have powerful effects on their users.

The engagement of individuals is key in prevention programmes, but patients’ engagement is still far from very efficient and healthcare sector would have a lot to learn from gamers’ engagement. It would have a huge impact in the number of conditions, such as mental health, addictions, phobias…

  • Guy’s & St Thomas’ Foundation NHS Trust, by Adam Shortland, MD. Children with cerebral palsy or other conditions affecting fine motor control in the upper limbs
11:30 The Digital Insurer


The revenues in the global market for private health insurance—already €1.3 trillion—are expected to double by 2025 (McKinsey, 2016). But, the traditional insurance model is currently questioned.
Today, a high proportion of expenditures are for chronic conditions, not random, unpredictable, catastrophic events (for example, accidents and infectious diseases), which has made insurance in its traditional sense obsolete.
At the age of data, insurers have to re-invent themselves, focus on their customers, their needs and personalise more and more their services. New models are appearing and the whole industry is transforming. The “Digital Insurer” has to invest in new business models, mobile and digital technologies will support this transformation.



Delegates Free Time Lunch & Networking (Lunch not included)



Diabetes and Chronic Diseases Management


In 2015, the world counted 415 million people with Diabetes. It is expected to reach close to 650 million in 2040. Chronic diseases globally are the main burden on healthcare systems budget in all developed countries, counting for around 80% of costs.
Prevention and self-care are key elements in the strategy to improve the current situation, in order to trigger new lifestyle habits, around nutrition or physical activity for instance, digital plays a central role.



14:30 Corporate WellnessModern lifestyles engage people more and more in their professional environment. The company is a life place, just as the personal environment. Employers are more and more concerned by the wellbeing and the health status of their employees.
Taking care of the health of its employees’ present obvious benefits in terms of productivity and performance, avoiding absenteeism for example, but also in terms of innovation and creativity, the wellbeing acting on motivation, openness of mindsets, mental balance, etc…
Digital and mobile technologies can help the employers to understand better what their employees experience, feel and need in order to increase their wellbeing.

  • CogniWinMehdi Snene, Director of CasLab at the University of Geneva and co-founder of Genealth,
  • Walk@WorkApp, by Anna Puig-Ribera, Lecturer and researcher at University of Vic-Central University of Catalonia

Coffee Break & Networking – Change Room (Room Nestlé Winter Garden)


16:00 Plenary Session

 The Future of Health is Digital

(Room Nestlé Winter Garden)

This plenary session will be the opportunity to present the latest trends and innovations within the health and wellness sectors. Part of the Digital health & wellness Summit, the ECHAlliance has invited key players in order to share their views.
First, Amy Cueva will present her vision of designer and share experiences around the definition of purpose-driven designs for healthcare.
Then, Digital Health focused investors will share their vision of the market, reveal which types of start-ups & solutions they are seeking and what are their criteria for investment.
During this interactive session, the audience will have the opportunity to interact with all speakers, asking question during the long dedicated debate slot after the interventions.

Purpose-Driven Design in Healthcare

Invest in Digital health

18:00  Networking Reception

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Pitching Partner

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