Reto Lehnica Discovery


Correos is launching the first call of the CorreosLabs with the “Reto Lehnica” aimed to develop professional projects which contribute to innovative products or services within a framework.

Meet CorreosLab and Reto Lehnica


Correos is implementing several initiatives aimed at exploring new business lines while at the same time modernising and improving the services it already provides.

One of these initiatives is CorreosLabs, a space created to develop entrepreneurial talent and establish a co‐working environment, where knowledge can be exchanged and ideas, concerns and opinions shared with like-minded entrepreneurs and professionals from different industries to build new, long-lasting business connections.

In its initial stage of new business, there is a greater willingness to adopt and develop new ideas that in turn, encourage collaboration among different players, thus allowing outcomes with a greater degree of innovation to be obtained.

Correos is launching the first call of the CorreosLabs Reto Lehnica with these rules in mind.

The solutions


Five innovative business projects have be selected from the following themes:

  • Logistics – projects that improve environmental logistics such as, traceability, new delivery models, urban logistics, circular economy, energy efficiency, new route models, dynamic deliveries, drones, autonomous vehicles.
  • Society – projects that improve the quality of life for people in cities and rural areas, for example, e-health, smarter cities, collaborative economy, new production models.
  • Digitisation – digital projects that are based on emerging technologies that allow the transformation of traditional businesses, such as: payments, blockchain, digital identity, artificial intelligence, additive manufacturing and virtual reality.

Why participate?


  • A contribution of up to €30,000 will be given to each project selected.
  • A one year acceleration programme will be offered to the selected projects and entrepreneurs to drive forward and validate their proposed business models.
  • Access to the following resources during the acceleration programme:
    • Space in a Correos building in Madrid (CorreosLabs) with the facilities and technology to develop projects in a co‐working environment.
    • Coaching and mentoring opportunities for the projects selected.

Application deadline finished on 31 March


Please keep in mind:


  • The “Reto Lehnica” is aimed at entrepreneurs, incorporated companies and self‐employed professionals which have been in business for a maximum of  three years.
  • The period they have been in business shall be calculated from the start date of activity (according to the initiation of activity census declaration) until the date the call is published.
  • Companies and/or self‐employed professionals shall have their registered or professional office in Spain.


Please, indicate your interest to attend the presentation session or meet with Correos, writing your email below. We’ll keep you updated with any change or last minute information.

Submit your project at and check the Terms & Conditions.