For the first time, 4YFN will be taking a selection of mobility sector startups and opening the 4YFN Village at the european platform event for connected automobility, Automobile Barcelona – Connected Hub!

If you are a mobility startup looking to accelerate your business, join our village and exhibit with us.

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What is Connected Hub?


AUTOMOBILE BARCELONA offers two interconnected events in the same show: Connected Hub and Motorshow, combining technology and motors

CONNECTED HUB is “core” to AUTOMOBILE BARCELONA’s new spirit, a major event combining technology and smart mobility trends and business models.

Connected Hub will have three different areas each tackling, from different angles, the technology and solutions that are already carving out the future of automobiles and mobility worldwide.


The congress where thought leaders from the sector will share their insight and strategies as well as talking about connected vehicles.


The place for cutting-edge solutions, products and all the latest developments related to the connected car.


A large demo area where companies will display the most advanced technologies applied to vehicles an eye-catching space for the international tech and automotive press.

"Connectivity and digitalisation are the key trends in the automotive sector, and this will continue through to 2025."
KPMG's Global Automotive Executive Survey 2016

Why should I join?


Joining 4YFN within the Connected Hub at Automobile Barcelona will give you the opportunity to stand out within the uniquely designed 4YFN Mobility Village and benefit from the activities that surround the area such as:

Exhibiting your product to global attendees

Pitching on stage in front of leaders in the Automotive Industry

Showcase your technology in the benchmark event for the Automotive Industry

Network and discuss business with industry leaders and investors

Attend 4YFN networking activities to boost your business