4YFN Americas Awards

THREE categories, THREE pitching sessions, THREE days, ONE winner!

We are thrilled to say we received 128 entries from contestants spanning over 53 cities in 20 countries worldwide.


15 super startups have been selected to take part in the 4YFN Americas Awards, a startup competition focused on accelerating business development and the investment of new technologies!

Each day, 5 startups will pitch at the 4YFN Soracom Theater. Only one will be crowned as the winner during a special event in the afternoon on Thursday 14 September (15:30) at the 4YFN Soracom Theater.

The overall winner of the 4YFN Americas Awards 2017 will be present at our main event: 4YFN at Mobile World Congress Barcelona in February 2018.*

This years’ awards have been divided into the following themes:

Three Tracks

Day 1:

Identity, Blockchain, Cyber Security (Pitching time: Tuesday 15:00 – 16:00, 4YFN Soracom Theater)

Day 2:

Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence (Pitching time: Wednesday 15:00 – 16:00, 4YFN Soracom Theater)

Day 3:

Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality (Pitching time: Thursday 12:30 – 13:30, 4YFN Soracom Theater)

The 15 finalists are:


Identity, Blockchain, Cyber Security


ShareG (San Jose, USA)  allows the user to travel globally carefree without swapping sims or paying roaming fees.

FirstPoint (Netanya, Israel) offers a Cellular network based cyber security for mobile phones and cellular IoT.

Vitcord (Barcelona, Spain) is a mobile app which allows to create one video together.

InvizBox (Dublin, Ireland) creates a new WiFI hotspot allowing you to connect any of your devices to (laptop, phone, etc.) for significantly enhanced privacy.

Phluido’s (San Diego, USA) Radio-as-a-Service (RaaS) technology is the first solution that brings C-RAN performance and D-RAN cost together, making “C-RAN over IP” a reality.


Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence


FORCIOT Ltd (Tampere, Finland) delivers sensor based force IOT solutions & related integration services.

Tempow (Paris, France) Tempow is a dedicated Bluetooth research and development lab catering to the needs of hardware and chipset manufacturers looking to enhance Bluetooth technology. The start-up operates several engineering teams focused on developing new software-only solutions to enhance every Bluetooth-enabled experience from smart home assistants, to conference calling, to living room entertainment and gaming.

Fireflies.ai  (San Francisco, USA) can summarise conversations across email, Facebook, Slack, and meetings into key action items using AI.

Diabnext Team (Boston, USA) offers next generation Diabetes management enabled by smart hardware and AI.

Wynd Technologies (Redwood City, USA) focuses on improving air quality for families globally, and bringing the most comprehensive insights about air quality to individuals and communities.


Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality


Valkyrie Industries Ltd (London, UK) offers a scalable novel platform to deliver realistic feeling of touch to virtual & augmented simulations and beyond.

Broomx Technologies (Barcelona, Spain) offers immersive 4D projections and a content platform to enjoy VR in real spaces without using individual headsets.

Ascape VR (San Francisco, USA) is the first ever travel agency for virtual reality trips connecting travel brands to VR creators and travel lovers. Ascape is for those with a ‘wanderlust gene’ looking for travel inspiration and people who cannot travel in real life like those with disabilities, retirees, low income and even kids.

Mobipromo (Hong Kong, China) sets the industry benchmarks globally by providing the most advanced and comprehensive range of Big Data, in-session advertising and security of any WiFi marketing system available.

EasyVirtualFair (Madrid, Spain) event organizers, marketers, universities, medical associations… everyone can create an expo 100% online and reach the same goals.


A panel of investors will be judging each pitch and will also have time for a brief Q&A before deciding on the winning pitch. Only one lucky winner will be awarded at the end of the event. Who will it be?

*Travel & accommodation will not be covered.

"We were discovered by media companies including top tier newspapers in Spain and Italy. We also regularly see people blogging about us. A lot of investors got in touch. In fact we were planning to fundraise next year but thanks to the response we got from the 4YFN event we will start in a couple of months. Being a winner of the 4YFN Awards has made it a lot easier to reach out to worldwide brands. All in all, it was a great experience and it has really helped us to launch our company to the next level.”
Maurizio Cibelli, CEO, Hu:toma


The Startup Embassy, the oldest entrepreneurial community located in Palo Alto, is offering 14 days free stay at their residence to the winner of the 4YFN Americas Awards.

Winning Quality

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