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Meet Fundación Repsol

Fundación Repsol is one of the means by which Repsol, a global leader in the oil and gas industry, fulfils its commitment to social responsibility.

The Fundación Repsol Entrepreneurs Fund is a business accelerator that supports the talent of innovative start-ups in the fields of energy industry and advanced mobility.

Technologies sought:

  • Digitalisation and mobility, with innovative proposals that bring value to people.
  • New materials for the energy and chemicals industry, construction, the home, or transportation.
  • The circular economy.
  • Improving energy efficiency and/or operational processes in the energy and chemicals industry.

What’s offered to startups?

  • Fundación Repsol selects nine proposals in each call, which receive financial support; technical, legal, and business counselling; training that is adapted to their needs; and access to investors for a year-long period.
  • Startups may receive between 24,000€-144,000€ depending on the maturity level of their projects. Discover more HERE.

How to take part?

Repsol’s team will be at 4YFN 2018. Express your interest in the form below to meet them and hear more about the Fundación Repsol Entrepreneurs Fund!


Meet FICOSA, Idneo and Onboard Ventures

Onboard Ventures is an Open Innovation Initiative of Ficosa & Idneo.

Headquartered in Barcelona, Ficosa is a global Tier 1 supplier. Ficosa product portfolio matches the main automotive trending topics, including connected vehicles, autonomous driving and green driving.

Based in Barcelona and San Francisco, Idneo is a multi-sectorial technology solutions partner specialized in the design, development and manufacturing in Automotive, Medical devices and Industry 4.0.

Technologies sought:

The programme seeks innovations in two main pillars:

  1. Medical devices
  2. Automotive and mobility

What’s offered to startups?

The most promising startups will be offered to collaborate with Ficosa / Idneo, including:

  • Be introduce as a partner to a unique customer portfolio including all car markers brands and other global well-known leading corporations.
  • Receive the support of a global network of HW and SW product design and manufacturing capacities to move from your MVP to a final product.
  • Access to R&D platforms to showcase your MVP.
  • Access to Capital to boost up your project.

How to take part?

Ficosa, Indeo and Onboard Ventures’ teams will be at 4YFN 2018. Express your interest in the form below to meet them and tell them about your project!

In Association with



The ARAG Group is the largest family-owned enterprise in the German insurance industry. ARAG
operates successfully in 17 countries, including the United States, and holds a leading position in many international legal insurance markets. With over 4,000 employees, the Group reports total revenue and premium income of roughly 1.8 billion EUR.

Technologies sought:

In an effort to make legal advice and support more readily available to Europeans, ARAG is looking to introduce innovations into its online service platform and claim management practices, with the aim of improving efficiency and positioning it as a one-stop- shop for all your legal needs.

  1. Machine learning and AI-based chatbots
  2. AI-based Marketing automation tools
  3. Image processing applied to document classification
  4. Enterprise data integration

What’s offered to startups?

All startups invited will have the chance to pitch infront of ARAG’s senior directors at 4YFN 2018. The most promising startups will enter a collaboration with ARAG to undertake a joint PoC, including access to ARAG’s relevant database and platforms, as well as a pool of 40 hours of technical support, in order to deploy their solutions on top of ARAG’s platform.

At the end of April, the developed PoCs will be showcased to ARAG’s directors, and their potential impact on the company’s indicators will be evaluated. Following that, ARAG will negotiate with each startup a collaboration agreement.

In summary, startup stand to benefit from the following opportunities:

  • Collaboration in a proof-of- concept implemented on top of ARAG’s platform
  • Access to technical support from ARAG’s engineers
  • The chance to become a long term ARAG supplier

How to take part?

ARAG’s team will be at 4YFN 2018. Express your interest in the form below to meet them and tell them about your project!