15:20 - 16:00 | Tuesday 27th 2018 | BANCO SABADELL STAGE

Cybersecurity: Emerging Trends


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As cybersecurity attacks & threats gain momentum in scope & sophistication we talk to cutting edge innovators and practitioners in the space to discuss where they see the sector going.  Some pressing issues we will explore include; understanding why cybersecurity attacks have become more frequent & more powerful; where are organisations most vulnerable?; what types of strategies are companies adopting to protect themselves and their customers?; how can we innovate faster than cybercriminals?  Will they always be one step ahead?  
Join for us a discussion on new strategies and techniques in cybersecurity, on how to be protected against constantly evolving attacks, and the opportunities being created for cyber startups & entrepreneurs.   
  • Speaker
    David Barroso
    Co-Founder & CEO
  • Speaker
    Karel Obluk
    Evolution Equity
  • Speaker
    Nico Goulet
    Managing Partner
    Adara Ventures
  • Speaker
    Carles Solé
  • Moderator
    Liz Fleming
    Adara Ventures

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