Conference Programme


Aside from the vast display of startup technology on show in the innovation market, we will have a jam packed programme of activities including hot shot speakers, startups competitions and workshops.

We’re always open to receive speaker proposals and content submissions for our conference programme in 4YFN at MWC Barcelona.


These are the general themes of 4YFN Barcelona 2018. Three days, three tracks. All activities of each day are focused in the following group of topics:


Big Data  ● Artificial Intelligence  ● Bots  ● Automation  ● Digital Content and Transmedia  ● Education  ● Fintech  ● Blockchain  ● Internet of Things  ● mAdvertising  ● Marketplaces  ● mCommerce  ● mHealth  ● Wellbeing  ● Sports  ● Fashion  ● Mobile Gaming  ● VR/AR  ● Entertainment  ● Smart Cities  ● Transport