ECommerce startup receives a smart investment following recent participation with 4YFN!

We caught up with a previous exhibitor of ours, following what we had heard through the grapevine. Startup company, Nektria recently closed an investment round following their presence as exhibitors with us during Smart City Expo World Congress Barcelona last year and we obviously wanted to know more! Here is what they had to say….

Can you tell us a bit about your startup and what encouraged you to exhibit with us?

Nektria is a Barcelona-based startup focused on providing disruptive solutions for e-commerce logistics. We launched Responsive ECommerce Shipping, which is a software platform that allows shoppers to choose 1 or 2 hour delivery slots offered at variable prices (incentives) in exchange for logistical efficiency.

La Salle Technova, an incubator that mentors our startup, recommended that we exhibit with 4YFN during Smart City Expo World Congress Barcelona as our project aims to help make cities smarter by offering more deliveries per hour but with a reduced number of vans, less km usage, and thus less contamination.

Thanks to our presence at the event, we had the opportunity to be in contact with potential clients, partners, investors and public administrations. We were very pleased with the outcomes of the experience.

How was your overall exhibitor experience with 4YFN at Smart City Expo?

We were positively surprised by the results that we obtained during the 3 day event. We were in contact with many possible clients and potential partners, and we networked with some very interesting investors.

Additionally, thanks to the exposure we gained at 4YFN, many important newspapers and media published articles about us, such as El Periódico, Diari Ara and El País.

Last but not least, we were able to establish rapport with very interesting entrepreneurs and startups. These relationships were facilitated perfectly by the 4YFN organisers as they encouraged us to meet the other exhibitors that were part of the delegation and get to know one another. Some of these startups we are still friends with to this day! I believe it’s very important to be in contact with other entrepreneurs to share tips, advice, challenges faced and your feelings, as you go though very similar experiences.

The 4YFN organisers also requested information about our company and project prior to the event to understand perfectly our solution, market, scope, etc. With this knowledge and thanks to a specific area reserved for their delegation of startups, they could connect us with all the attendees, investors and journalists during the expo that were interested in smart tech solutions and apps.

Any tips for startups that are wishing to exhibit this year?

  • Be focused on the problem your project/startup is really solving.
  • Try to have good materials (video, demo, etc.) and a good pitch to be able to sell your solution in less than 5 minutes because it’s full of people and you need to make sure you capture their attention, quickly!
  • Analyse all the other stands and startups because there’s a high probability that you will have synergies with them.
  • Try to have more than one person manning the stand in order to interact with as many people as possible. In addition, having more than one company representative is important because it will allow you to simultaneously manage the stand and attend presentations or network with other companies.
  • Bring many many business cards to share with all the visitors!


Do you have any success stories that have evolved since your participation that you wish to share with us?

Beyond general networking, media publications, etc., we had the opportunity to meet many important investors. One amazing benefit of 4YFN is that one of the investors that we met at the event took part in the Series A round that we closed last June (€2M). It was definitely crucial for us to participate with 4YFN!

What are your plans for the rest of the year and next?

Currently, we’re deeply focused in online supermarkets, but it’s just the first step. We have already incorporated our product into some large stores such as Ulabox and DIA to not only help them improve conversions and gain more sales, but to also dramatically reduce their logistical costs. We hope to conquer all of the e-commerce supply chains and be a standard option in the e-delivery service industry. We’re demonstrating to our clients that we save up to 20% on logistical costs and improve their sales conversion rate by up to 10%.

Right now, we’re laying the foundations to launch the company to the next level. This means 3 things. We hope to:

1) become the standard for all online grocery retailers,

2) expand our solution to other e-commerce sectors beyond online groceries;

3) become the world’s Operating System to deliver true digital logistics.

We visualise that in the near future there will be an incredible adoption of a new standard: consumers will have the ability to choose when they want to receive their online purchases before checkout; it will just be a matter of price and we hope to be at the forefront of this vision.
We are extremely pleased that Nektria has gained some worthwhile results following their participation with us last year! If you have something to shout about following your attendance at any of our events, then please write to us as we would love to hear from you!
To attend the forthcoming Smart City Expo World Congress Barcelona (14-16 November) and meet our delegation, you can buy your visitor passes here.