xside Key Themes

Key Themes

We have listed our xside key themes so that you can take advantage of the many areas covering your topics of interest.

xside Design for 2030

Design for 2030

The scientific community has said it clearly: our actions in the next 11 years are absolutely crucial if we want to stop the worst possible outcomes of the climate crisis. We will have to use all of our tools, among them creativity and imagination.

xside Entertainment beyond the screen

Entertainment beyond the screen

In a world saturated with screens and linear visual content, where most of our interactions are mediated through our devices, there is a new found enthusiasm for the experiential. Today there’s an explosion in creativity of innovation in new forms of playful environments and immersive forms of storytelling.

xside Education & work in the era of AI

Education & work in the era of AI

Artificial Intelligence has brought the third era of computing and an exponentially changing world. Every day we hear that AI, robots and other technologies are taking over our jobs as we used to think of them. In such a world, what is the role of people in the workplace? Are businesses, governments, institutions and people ready for the challenge?

xside Creativity & Tech

Creativity & Tech

Is technology an enhancer, a destroyer of creativity or just a mere tool? Can technology compete with a creative mind? Artists, businesses and society as a whole face their own challenges in a world where creativity and technology are increasingly dependent.

xside  Innovating for truth and trust

Innovating for truth and trust

In the age of digital populism, fake news and even “deep fakes”, trusting any piece of information that reaches us through our digital screens has never been harder. How can we design new systems that allow us to tell trustworthy from unreliable sources of information? What is the responsibility and the opportunity of the tech industry in helping to restore the thing we used to call “the truth”?