4YFN Barcelona Why Attend

Why Attend

Why attend? 4YFN Barcelona draws in large crowds of the startup community such as international investors, corporations, leading experts, visionaries, press, accelerators, governments, MWC attendees, students, entrepreneurs and of course startups.

It’s more than talking business, it’s making it!

What to expect

4YFN Barcelona Exhibit Startup

Exhibitors & Startups

Over 800 companies will be showcasing the latest technology to attendees to view and experience.

4YFN Barcelona Sponsor

Sponsors & Partners

We have many big names in attendance who want to show how they are supporting startups.

4YFN Barcelona Speakers


Learn from the best, sit in on a workshop, watch inspiring startups or those supporting them.

4YFN Barcelona Investors


Meet the investors attending as part of the exclusive 4YFN Investors Club experience

4YFN Barcelona Experts


Meet with experts that match your field and gather valuable knowledge and advice.

4YFN Barcelona Communities


Local and international communities attend as part of the 4YFN Community Club to show support for the startup ecosystem.


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