The Sports Tech Summit 2019 will be held in Barcelona as part of the 4YFN event. It is developed by N3XT Sports and we are pleased to partner with 4YFN.

The objective of the Sports Tech Summit 2019 is to showcase the best innovators bringing transformative concepts and technologies that are changing the world of sport.
It creates opportunities for these innovators to meet sports industry stakeholders and understand their needs and challenges.
It is also the main place for startups to meet investors and create sports tech champions.

What is involved?

We are building the programme of the Sports Tech Summit around 2 major pillars that are affecting the industry at large and raising massive opportunities and challenges.

The sessions (keynotes, panels) will invite companies, startups, investors, teams, leagues, federations and property owners, to share their views, present their experiences and propose innovative solutions that cover the two major pillars. In addition, a startup competition will take place on stage showcasing the best sports tech startup so don’t miss their innovative technological solutions.

Track 1: Smart Athletes

The athlete of tomorrow cannot be compared with her predecessors from the last decades, as the wealth of data and knowledge is permeating all levels of the athlete development pathway. Advances in key technologies related to performance are driving the explosion in data which has led to the phenomenon of the quantified athlete. With performance advantages being increasingly available to athletes and their teams, the smart athletes will be those that maximize the benefits of new technologies to gain the 1% advantage needed to win the race. Technologies in this space are at the forefront in their respective fields and driving innovations in health and fitness tech, which is increasingly bridging the gap between sports and other industries.

Track 2: Smart Fans

Capturing younger fans is no longer a given for traditional sports and brands. The needs of fans are more sophisticated, as there are more entertainment choices available on more platforms than ever before. The whole sports industry is under pressure to create new business models, utilizing emerging technologies and sports organizations are looking towards digital transformation to deliver seamless digital experiences that are personalized and relevant for their fans. Venues are becoming platforms, sports teams are becoming entertainment properties. Esports, gaming and the digital-physical interfaces are giving new possibilities of engagement that could further bring new fans and serve existing fans of sports.

Startup Competition

A global startup competition will bring entrepreneurs from around the world to the N3XT Sports Tech Summit. With investors, sports industry stakeholders and the public in attendance, new opportunities for business deals, partnerships and investments will be sought after. Startups in the areas of Smart Athletes and Smart Fans will be invited to showcase their innovative solutions and compete for prizes provided by the partners of the program, which could include a Silicon Valley Boot Camp facilitated by N3XT Sports.

N3XT Sports

N3XT Sports

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