4YFN Key Themes

Key Themes

We have listed our key themes so that you can take advantage of the many areas covering your topics of interest.

Our 2020 key themes

Health Tech 4YFN

Health Tech

Technological innovation is accelerating the integration of robotics and artificial intelligence as extensions of our body, mind and behaviour in the quest to live longer, healthier and happier lives. In this theme we map the future human, showcased by a cross section of emerging and incumbent companies working at the absolute edge of what we recognise as possible.


Fintech 4YFN


The reign of cash is over. The FinTech revolution tackles financial inclusion and increases the prevalence and accessibility of digital payment channels. In this session, we go around the world and look at how alternatives to cash are varying in degrees of success.

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Intelligent Connectivity 4YFN

Intelligent Connectivity

The future predicted by fiction writers and blockbuster movies is not far from the truth; self-driving cars are on the road, robotics are powering smart cities and AI integrated in businesses across all verticals will all be fully realised with the introduction of 5G. In this theme we lay the bricks of the next digital economy.

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Future of Culture 4YFN

Future of Culture

Lifestyle and Culture is rapidly evolving in the digital age. The digital enhancement of human creativity opens a range of innovation avenues and is redefining the relationship between person and digital. This theme gives a snapshot into how some of humankind’s oldest creative arts are being completely re-imagined, re-built and re-introduced.

Future Tech 4YFN

Future Tech

In 1995 we applauded the world’s first flip phone, in 2020 we’re talking about the first 5G-enabled, foldable smartphone. 25 years has changed the mobile industry beyond the early tech pioneer’s wildest dreams. In this theme we gaze into the next 25 years to look at how our world can change.

Industry X 4YFN

Industry X

We are in the 4th industrial revolution. It has never been a more exciting time for digital transformation than right now; traditional brands are completely re-evaluating their competitive edge, start-ups are redefining the economics of business, providers are innovating at an unprecedented rate, the media are excited and the consumer wants everything faster. Everything is changing.

Tech4Good (4Impact) 4YFN

Tech4Good (4Impact)

In our journey to universal connectivity, the commitment to ensure no one gets left behind also includes the natural environment, women and minority groups. We are fast approaching 2020, connectivity is a human right and everyone deserves a seat at the table.


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