The 4YFN Intelligent Connectivity Hub

During the largest international exhibition for the mobile industry, MWC Barcelona, 4YFN invites you to join an innovation showcasing of the latest in 5G, IoT and AI.

With Telco industry leaders roaming the halls of 4YFN in search of the next big thing, 4YFN is the ideal setting for corporates, startups and investors to envision the future of connectivity together.

A 1-day Intelligent Connectivity summit on February 25th

An exhibition area with over 25 startups and corporations innovating in 5G, IoT and AI

Side Events 4YFN

A 3 day networking programme open to all attendees, at the Intelligent Connectivity pitching point

An invitation only cocktail


4YFN Intelligent Connectivity Hub

4YFN Intelligent Connectivity Summit
Tuesday 25th
February 2020
10:00 – 18:00
Agora Stage Hall 1

4YFN Intelligent Connectivity Hub

The future predicted by fiction writers and blockbuster movies is not far from the truth; self-driving cars are on the roads, robotics are powering smart cities and enabling industry 4.0 scenarios, AI integrated in businesses across all verticals is radically and rapidly transforming our everyday lives.

Much of this is made possible by underlying deep tech including 5G, IoT, edge and cloud computing, AI and machine learning that is giving rise to a new age of intelligent connectivity.

From our most personal relationships to the operations of large-scale industries, all aspects stand to be affected by the wide scale deployment of emerging telecommunication technologies, with the main leap forward expected by realising the deployment of 5G. For these systems to match human actions digitally they must be scalable, cost-effective and overcome challenges related to reaction times, network reliability, interoperability, security and others.

Learn from industry experts, such as Telefonica, GSMA IoT and, as they provide a window into the efforts, opportunities, challenges and needs to intelligently connect everything and everyone. Reflect on use cases in areas such as transport, industry, sports and entertainment, connected homes and cities, and envision how they may change in the era of intelligent connectivity.

Pitchint Point

4YFN Intelligent Connectivity Hub

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4YFN Intelligent Connectivity Hub

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