Every day from 10:30am within the Discovery Area, we have prepared a few sessions where you can discuss a specific topic for 45 minutes over a coffee and with the help of one of our experts.

Don’t miss the chance to meet like-minded people, share your experience and learn from others!

TABLE 1: Machine and emotions
with Alberto Betella (CTO at Telefonica Alpha Health)
Advances in Emotional Artificial Intelligence (Emotion AI) allow machines to infer, induce and (soon) even experience emotions. This will drastically improve interaction with humans, but it will also present novel ethical challenges.

TABLE 2: Social score, debtor nearby alert. Sounds dystopian?
with Alexandra Petrus (Product Strategist at WAI)
Understanding if getting AI in production for civilian trust and behaviour management fully or mostly AI-controled is what society needs to evolve or not. Or are we letting slip side impacts that will change our life control and ownership as is?

TABLE 3: Space laser network: the future of communication
With Rohit Jha (CEO at Transcelestial)
What are our civilization’s long term (50/100 years) communication needs? What could you do with a 20Gbps Internet to home?

TABLE 4: Physical interfaces in video games and XR technologies
With Joan Mora Guiard (PhD at Universitat Pompeu Fabra)
In the last years new physical interfaces that use the whole body have emerged. How can we use the whole body (e.g. Kinect, Move, HTC makers…) for interaction in XR technologies and videogames?
TABLE 1: Investing in the future of VR. What are the killer apps?
with Dave Haynes (Director, Vive X at HTC Vive)
Discussion based around the next big applications of VR. What are they? Who is building them? How are they getting funded? If you’re a startup or investor thinking about this topic then please come along to exchange ideas.

TABLE 2: Virtual Reality in Travelling: Challenges and Potential
with Elena Kokkinara (CTO,Inflight VR)
A conversation about the potential use cases of VR in travelling context (airplane, train, bus, car) as an entertainment option. What are the benefits of pursuing such solutions and what are the technical challenges that one should consider?

TABLE 3: Artificial Intelligence: Hype VS Reality
With Hanan Salam (Head of Education and Research at Women in AI)
Where do we stand between hype and reality of Artificial Intelligence?
Are we able to make realistic predictions about the future of AI?

TABLE 4: Security Token Offerings and the Future of Investment
With Ethan Pierse (Director at CryptoAssets Institute)
Debate and discuss the role of tokenized securities and their effect on the future of investing in startups and SMEs.
TABLE 1: How to create impactful startup-corporate innovation in 2019
with Sebastien Toupy (Head of Startup Program at The Next Web)
As Startup corporate innovation is becoming a common practice in the tech industry, there is a real need for clarity on how to effectively design these partnerships and measure their success.

TABLE 2: New paradigms in valuations of cryptoassets and blockchains
with Felix Fuertes Arguello (CEO and cofounder of Blockchain Hub Spain /Cofounder and CIO of Cryptoinvest)
The goal of the conversation will be discussing what’s the opinion of experts in regards valuation of cryptoassets, depending of their nature, scalability and adoption.

TABLE 3: My robot is better than yours: a world with emotional agents
with Vicky Vouloutsi (Post-doctoral Researcher at SPECS laboratory)
When interacting with humans, robots need to display rich social behaviours, including emotions. Does having emotions makes a robot smarter or better at interactions? Are there any ethical implications to that?

TABLE 4: End of Disruption – Music tech innovators unite!
with Turo Pekari (Senior advisor, innovation and discovery at Teosto Futures Lab) & Yvan Boudillet (Connector & Advisor – Founder at TheLynk)
How to set up innovation ecosystems focusing in music and tech and stimulate collaboration on a European level? What are the key tech trends to follow in this scene? How to improve funding in music and tech innovation.

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