The Digital Health & Wellness Summit 2019 (DHWS19) will be back in Barcelona as part of the 4YFN event.

The DHWS18 is developed by the European Connected Health Alliance (ECHAlliance) and we are pleased to partner again with 4YFN again.

The objective of DHWS19 is to showcase the best innovators bringing digital technologies to improve healthcare delivery around the world. It creates opportunities for these innovators to meet end-users (clinicians and patients) and understand their needs and challenges.

This event dedicated to disruptive innovation around mobile technologies will showcase the digital health market needs with public authorities, hospitals or insurers and at the time the most recent innovation from start-ups, large companies and researchers. A perfect opportunity to identify partners for your projects or your business. Investors will also participate to give their vision of the market and detect innovative start-ups with high potential.

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Healthcare professionals, researchers, policy-makers, large companies, start-ups and insurers are welcome to contact us to participate.

Creating a Digital Health Society means that citizens, policy-makers, health professionals, health but also technology companies, insurers…should work together to define new ways to ensure good health of populations.

We are building the programme of the DHWS19 around 3 major pillars required to fully develop a Digital Society for health and care.

The sessions (keynotes, panels or pitches) will invite companies, start-ups, researchers, clinicians and care providers, policy-makers, investors and insurers to share their views, present their experiences and propose innovative solutions to tackle the 3 challenges.

DHWS Programme

9:30am: Introduction & Welcome
Bleddyn REES, Deputy Chair, ECHAlliance

Track 01: Building Trust

9:45 – 11am: Panel Session
Key topics: Ethical AI, Data governance, Blockchain
11am: Coffee break
11:30am: Panel Session
Digital health innovation in maternal and child care
12.00am: Keynote Sessions
“The real digital patient: women are digital, men are analogical”
“Adolescents with behavioral disorder: a comprehensive assistance intervention in a specialized residential environment”
12:30pm: Lunch and networking

Track 02: Breaking down the Data silos for holistic health

1:45pm: Keynotes Series – Data-driven innovation
Key topics: Genetics, precision/personalized medicine, Behaviors, Lifestyle
2:25pm: Panel session – Urban health and wellbeing
Key topics: Precision/personalized medicine, Behaviors, Lifestyle
3:15pm: Coffee break
3.45pm: Panel session – AI opportunities for Health
4:20pm: Innovators pitching session
5 innovators pitching in front of digital health experts
5:15pm: Conclusion Day 1
Final remarks and conclusions of the day by Bleddyn Rees

Smart healthy cities – PULSE featured workshop

9:30am: Introduction & Welcome
Bleddyn REES, Deputy Chair, ECHAlliance
9:45am: Keynote
10am: Keynote EU Urban Agenda
10:15am: The PULSE cities: challenges and local strategies
10:35am: Learning from Other Experiences
11am: Coffee break
11:30am: Showcase PULSE solution
12pm: Round table
Round table with the Business Council experts
12:40pm: Conclusions, announcement
Wrap up and closure of the meeting

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Track 1: Building Trust

To truly express the potential of digital health, the users (clinicians and citizens), should trust the solutions. Current technologies, such as AI, machine learning and data analytics, are promising to deliver more personalised care but also raise ethical and societal concerns. Citizens wish to control their own data, decide who can and who cannot access them, and for which purpose. Similarly, clinicians should trust the data and the systems in order to use them in their day-to-day practice and so transform the way they provide care. At organization’s level as well, data should flow safely ensuring security and privacy regulations are met and allowing interoperability between systems.

Key topics: Data Governance, Ethical AI, Blockchain, Chid & maternal care challenges

Track 2: Breaking down the Data silos for holistic health

Recent studies show that genetics is playing for around 20% in determining health outcomes, behaviours and lifestyle for 40%, environment for 20% and access to care for 10%. Nevertheless, we are still lacking of models and solutions allowing a comprehensive understanding of the components of the health status of an individuals. Innovative solutions should overcome the data silos, utilise evidences-based models integrating different information sources and parameters and deliver personalised care and advices combining interventions, treatments and self-management.

Key topics: Genetics, Personalised/precision medicine, Behaviour, Lifestyle

Track 3: Urban health and wellbeing

By the past, some were claiming that technologies were not designed for all and that the “digital divide” was one of the main reasons for a slow deployment of digital health. The ways humans interact with technologies have greatly improved over the past few years. Voice-control, natural language, augmented and virtual reality are completely democratising the access to new technologies and the capacity for each individual, educated or not, young or old, with disability or not, to benefit from it. We will explore several examples of these game-changing technologies in healthcare.

Key topics: Smart healthy cities, IoT and health, Health in All Policies


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