4YFN19 General

When is 4YFN 2019?

4YFN will be taking place on Monday 25 February, Tuesday 26 February and Wednesday 27 February 2019 in sunny Barcelona.

Where is 4YFN 2019?

Hall 8, Fira Montjuïc

Av. Reina Maria Cristina, s/n
08004 Barcelona (Spain)


How to get to 4YFN?

By Bus

Line H12 will take you from central Barcelona to 4YFN. For more bus options click here

By Metro

The closest metro stop to the 4YFN venue is Plaça Espanya, L1 line (red) and L3 line (green).

For further info, check here: http://www.firabarcelona.com/en/montjuic

By Train into Barcelona

For 4YFN/ MWC Barcelona 2019 we offer the opportunity to book Renfe train tickets with an exclusive 35% discount for registered attendees travelling to/from Barcelona Sants or França stations from February 23rd to March 2nd 2019 on any national AVE trains and long distance.

Discount code must be requested at [email protected]

From Airport

AeroBus running from T1 and T2 to Plaça Espanya every 5 minutes. Click here for more information.
Metro L9 + L1 or L9 + L5. Click here for Barcelona Metro Map
Train from Airport T2 to Sants Station (10 min walk from the venue): http://rodalies.gencat.cat/en/horaris/
Taxi stops are located outside both terminals and at Plaça Espanya

From MWC

A free shuttle bus will transport you to and from the venues every 5-7 minutes (Fira Gran Via’s North Entrance to Fira Montjuïc). Look out for the 4YFN logo at the exit.

What are the opening times?
  • Monday 25th February: 08:00 – 20:00 Exhibitors, Staff, Organiser | 09:00 – 20:00 Visitors, VIP, Investors, Speakers, Press
  • Tuesday 26th February: 08:00 – 20:00 Exhibitors, Staff, Organiser | 09:00 – 20:00 Visitors, VIP, Investors, Speakers, Press
  • Wednesday 27th February: 08:00 – 20:00 Exhibitors, Staff, Organiser | 09:00 – 20:00 Visitors, VIP, Investors, Speakers, Press
Who can attend 4YFN?

The event is open to anyone over the age of 18. You just need to purchase a ticket. People from 16 – 18 years of age will only be admitted to the event if accompanied by an adult or legal guardian. The parents or guardians must ask the organisation and complete a letter of authorization, see our terms and conditions stated on the registration page. Anyone under the age of 16 will not be given access to the show.

Will there be disabled access?

4YFN are pleased to offer accessible services to attendees with disabilities in order to ensure they have a great time in Barcelona and in the 4YFN show.

Hall 8 at Montjuïc Venue is accessible for wheelchair users.

If you are arriving by Taxi you can be dropped off at the Hall entrance. Should you wish to use public transport, please note the majority of the metro stations of Barcelona are wheelchair adapted. The bus fleet is also accessible for people with reduced mobility and other functional disabilities.

For more details on accessibility on public transport, please click here.
For further information on how to get to the venue, please visit the Transportation section.

Where should I look for accommodation?

MWC19 have partnered with b network who can assist with accommodation. Find more information here.

By using the official accommodation agency, you are assured of working with a reputable company and will have local assistance should you experience any difficulties or problems during your stay. Unfortunately, several MWC and 4YFN exhibitors and attendees each year fall prey to accommodation offers from fraudulent companies. These hotel providers present themselves as official event partners but are not legitimate. Please read more on hotel fraud here.

Because of the number of rooms b network secures for 4YFN attendees, they’re able to secure great discounts not available anywhere else. In fact, they’ve managed to negotiate discounted rates at many great properties around town. These discounted rates are only available through b network and are another reason to book your accommodation through the official provider.

Please note: past attendees have received e-mail offers for hotel rooms from non-official agencies and then found themselves without accommodation upon arrival. If you choose to respond to such offers please exercise caution and carefully read the cancellation policy, if any. The GSMA is unable to provide you with any assistance if you do not book through b network.

Where is the closest airport?

Barcelona Airport (El Prat) is our local airport with two terminals. It is roughly 10 minutes in a taxi or on the Aerobus to the venue.

Things to do in Barcelona

We will shortly be creating a web page on external activities outside of the 4YFN event. Please keep posted or email [email protected] for more information


4YFN19 Venue

How can I find a lost item?

The Lost & Found desk location withing hall M8 will be confirmed shortly.

Where is the closest cash machine/ATM?

There is a cash machine conveniently located outside the entrance to the venue. Otherwise, there are several located at the shopping center approx. 3 minutes’ walk.

Is there a car parking at the venue?

There’s no parking available at the venue. For the map of closest city parking, please click here.

Will there be food at the venue?

There will be a number of catering outlets set up within the venue that can provide food and drinks for the majority of attendees.

Cash and card payments are accepted.


4YFN19 Conference

How can I apply for 4YFN Awards?

The 4YFN Awards applications are now closed.

What are the activities organized for Investors at 4YFN?

Please contact us at [email protected] to learn more about investment opportunities and activities organized for investors at 4YFN event.

What are the activities organized for press at 4YFN?

Please contact us at [email protected] to learn more about partnership opportunities and activities organized for press at 4YFN event.

How can I become a 4YFN speaker?

Speaker applications have now closed. However, sign up to our 4YFN Newsletter and look out for our call for speakers.

In what language will 4YFN sessions be presented?

4YFN is an English speaking event. All sessions will be presented in English.

What is the 4YFN conference agenda?

The conference agenda includes the dates, times, description and stages of each activity taking place in stage from keynotes, panels, pitches, competitions and workshops. For updates on the 4YFN conference agenda visit here.

Who are the 4YFN speakers?

See our latest list of speakers here.

What language will the event content be presented in?

All 4YFN conference sessions and communications are conducted in English. Translation or interpretation services are not provided.

What are the Networking Activities?

Networking Activities are designed to connect entrepreneurs, investors and corporates in a series of sessions and networking tools. You can find more information here.

How can I join the Investors Club?

4YFN investors club is an exclusive group where investors share and discuss opportunities, as well as become involved in activities organised by 4YFN and MWC. Join us here.

How can I join the Community Club?

4YFN Communities Club is for all projects, institutions and companies with the mission of empowering entrepreneurship and innovation. This club is specifically conceived for tech hubs, accelerators/incubators, tech events, institutions, coworking spaces and universities. Click here to join .


4YFN19 Registration

How can I register for the Digital Health and Wellness Summit (DHWS) at 4YFN?

Digital Health and Wellness Summit at 4YFN will be held on 26 – 27 February 2018 in Fira Montjuic, hall M8 as part of 4YFN event.

The DHWS18 is developed by the European Connected Health Alliance (ECHAlliance) in partnership with 4YFN. The objective of DHWS19 is to showcase the best innovators bringing digital technologies to improve healthcare delivery around the world. It creates opportunities for these innovators to meet end-users (clinicians and patients) and understand their needs and challenges.

You can purchase tickets on the main registration page here.

See more information here.

In my pass allocation, I received some MWC passes and 4YFN passes. Which system do I use to invite or register with each pass type?

You will receive access details to the respective E&P Invitation Systems for each event, where you can register with respective passes. Keep in mind that MWC passes give access to 4YFN event; therefore we recommend not to repeat the invitees names.

Can a fake email address be used for attendee registration?

Please use a valid email address to register for 4YFN.  Your email address is what we use to create your account and we send username and log in details to this account as well as password recovery emails and other important registration information. If you are concerned about receiving information that you do not require, please access the Email Preference Centre to change your opt-ins.

Can I downgrade my pass?

Downgrades of passes are permitted but will still be liable for the FULL registration fee of the original pass purchased. You can find it in our cancellation policy, which you accepted in My Registration when you registered.

Can I link my registration account to my LinkedIn account?

If you are registering for the first time, you can click on the Sign In with LinkedIn button when you begin your registration process. PLEASE NOTE: If you have been forwarded an invite with a code to register, please ensure that you use the same email address that the invite was sent to. 

If you already have a MWC/4YFN registration account, you will be able to link to your LinkedIn account during the registration process.

Can I register for more than one person?

Registrations are individual. In case you want to register more than one person, you will need to create a new registration account using a different email address for each attendee.

How can I add an alternative email address to my registration?

During the registration process you will be able to add an alternative email address. If you add in an additional email address, a copy of all registration communications will be sent to this address.  You should note that we WILL NOT send any communications relating to password reset to the additional email, this will only be sent to the primary email address.

Can I register onsite?

Yes, onsite registration is possible; however, we recommend completing your registration before arriving onsite as onsite registration can take a long time to complete.

How do I register for a 4YFN Pass?

If you wish to purchase a pass: select pass type of your interest, fill in your personal details and complete the payment online here.

If you have an invitation/discount code: redeem the code, fill in your personal details and complete the payment online.


4YFN19 Badge Collection

What are the registration desk opening times?

We recommend you collect your badge on Sunday 24 February to avoid the queues. You must have your QR code and your photo ID available to collect your badge.

  • Sunday 24th February: 10:00 – 19:00
  • Monday 25th February: 08:00 – 20:00
  • Tuesday 26th February: 08:00 – 20:00
  • Wednesday 27th February: 09:00 – 19:00
Can I collect a 4YFN badge from a MWC collection point?

You must collect your badge from the 4YFN Registration area located at Hall M8, Fira Montjuïc (Avda. Reina Maria Cristina, s/n, Barcelona).

Can I collect badge on behalf of my colleague or team member?

All attendees must collect their Printed Badge in person. Collecting badges on behalf of a colleague / acquaintance is not permitted.

How do I get my badge?

Once you have purchased your ticket online, you will receive an email with a unique QR code. Please show this QR code and your photo ID to the registration desk at Hall 8, Fira Montjuic (Avda. Reina Maria Cristina, s/n, Barcelona) to receive your badge that will allow you access to the event. 4YFN badges cannot be collected at MWC badge pick up points.


4YFN19 App

Can 4YFN attendees use the MWC19 App?

Yes, the 4YFN attendees can access the MWC19 app with the registration login details.


4YFN19 Discounts

Can I use the Member discount code?

GSMA Member discounts can only be used by attendees from a Member organisation and are valid for MWC and 4YFN passes. Member discount codes cannot be shared with external customers and clients.

If you use a member discount code and are not an eligible attendee from the Member organisation, you will be personally liable for the full amount of the applicable registration fee.

For queries regarding your eligibility, contact the Membership team here.

Are there any invitations or discount codes available?

We do not provide discount codes or invitations.

Invitations for MWC are exclusively sent from Exhibitors directly to their staff and guests.

Only attendees from a GSMA member organisation are eligible to receive a 30% discount on any pass purchase.

If your company would like to maximize the potential of your business with GSMA Membership, please visit the GSMA website  or contact [email protected] and ask for the benefits of becoming a GSMA Member.


4YFN19 E&P

How do I register my guests and staff?

The Exhibitor & Partner Invitation System, commonly referred to as the E&P System, is used by our Exhibitors, Sponsors and Partners to invite and register their staff and guests to attend 4YFN19 Barcelona.

Who is the Registration Coordinator?

Generally, companies nominate a Registration Coordinator to manage their registrations. Your Registration Coordinator/s will be notified by email of your company’s personal E&P Invitation System login details once registration goes live later this year. Please ensure your Registration Coordinator contact details are correct in the Manual. Go to Additional Contacts & Registration Coordinator to check and update this information if required.

How can I change the Registration Coordinator?

In case you need to change the Registration Coordinator at the Online Event Manual, please log into the Online Exhibitor Manual , click on ‘Company Details’ and click on “Additional Contacts and Registration Coordinator”. Look under the “Registration Coordinator” and click “edit”.

The new Registration Coordinator will receive the login details within 72h.
If you need to have your username and password to the OEM re-sent, please e-mail [email protected]

How can I add or modify a secondary registration co-ordinator?

The Primary Registration Coordinator can add always a secondary coordinator to manage invitations and registrations, by login in into E&P Invitation System and going into the “Coordinator Management” tab.

How can I change a pass type or purchase additional passes in the E&P system?

To purchase additional passes enter into the Exhibitor & Partner Invitation System and follow these steps:
• Click on ”Pass & Attendee management” tab.
• Select “Purchase additional passes” option
• Select “Registration Type”, “Number of passes required” and click on Next
• The system will ask you to “Confirm your selection” and click on Next
• Select payment method

You will know that your allocations are running low by looking at the “Remaining” Column on the main Pass & Attendee Management screen.

Can I cancel an invitation?

Please note that the EVP, Staff and Contractor passes have a multiple code that cannot be eliminated.

Please note that invitations that haven’t been used to register will not be deduced from your passes allocation.


4YFN19 Cancelations

Can I cancel my pass?

ALL SALES ARE FINAL. Cancellations, as well as ‘no shows’ will be liable for the full registration fee. Cancellation of travel and hotel reservations are the responsibility of the registrant.

Please consult the event terms and conditions for full details.

How can I cancel a registration?

All registered E&P Invitation System passes can be cancelled at any time even if they have received their invitation code and barcode.
However, once a registered attendee modifies their registration account Exhibitor Coordinators will no longer be able to cancel that pass.
The E&P Invitation System will show you the message: “You cannot cancel this registration as it was already modified by the attendee.” 

To cancel a registration follow the steps outlined below:
• In the “Pass & Attendee Management” tab click on “Search for Invitations” to search for the attendee you want to cancel.
• Enter the ‘Primary email address’ and click on ‘Search’.
• In the ‘Actions’ column you will find an icon to “Cancel Registration”. Please click there and ‘Proceed’. 


4YFN19 Access

Do exhibitors have access during build up and dismantling?

• The exhibitor stand staff badges will only be valid from Monday 25th February 2019. Any exhibitor who needs access before should request a build up wristband
• Stand staff badge holders will be able to remain in the venue until 20:00 after the event closing time on Wednesday 27 February 2019 in order to remove valuable goods
• Please note that no vehicles are allowed within the halls
• Any exhibitor who needs access for Thursday 28th February 2019 should request a dismantling wristband via the ¨Build-up and Dismantling Wristband Form in ¨Forms & Deadlines¨ page of the Online Event Manual

If you have any questions regarding contractor wristbands please contact our Customer Care Department at email: [email protected]

Do I need a wristband during build up and dismantling?

• All personnel requiring access to the exhibition during build-up and dismantling must wear a Build-up and Dismantling Wristband.
• Due to increased security measures all employees will be issued with one coloured wristband for build up and a different colour for dismantling


4YFN19 Payments

Can I make a cash payment onsite?

No, cash payments are not accepted to buy 4YFN 2019 passes.

Can I pay by wire / bank transfer?

No, payments by wire / bank transfer are not accepted at 4YFN 2019.

How can I claim VAT back?

The GSMA does not promote a tax compliance and recovery service for 4YFN. This is due to differing standards of service and delivery available to different attendees and exhibitors in different countries. You may wish to undertake a search in your country for a reputable service provider and/or engage with your accounts or auditors for a recommendation specific to your organisation and country.

How can I change my invoice data?

Kindly send an email to [email protected] specifying precisely what details would you like to change and how would you like them to appear on the invoice.

Once received, we will proceed with the modification as soon as possible.


4YFN19 Visa

Do I require a visa to enter Spain?

Please read the information here to understand whether you need a Visa to enter Spain.

If you do not require a visa, you should not apply for visa support as the GSMA will not issue supporting information for nationalities that do not require a visa.

How do I request a visa invitation letter?

GSMA can provide you with a supporting visa invitation letter.
Please note that you must be fully registered and have paid your registration fee in full, as well as provide your personal details to the organiser, in order to receive your visa invitation letter.

To obtain visa invitation letter, please follow steps:
• Complete your registration process and pay all outstanding fees.
• Opt in for your Visa Invitation Letter in the “My Registration” system and fill in your personal and passport details.
• Once your request is approved, you will receive a visa invitation letter by email.

For more information, click here.


4YFN19 Data Privacy

How are you collecting ID information?

We are collecting this data via two methods – manual input by the attendee into the registration website or via a scan of their MRZ (Machine-Readable Zone) code on their passport or EU National ID card. In either case, the data is encrypted and securely transferred to a server and will only be retained for the period leading up to, onsite and shortly after 4YFN.

You will be required to show the original of your Passport or EU National ID card at Badge Collection and Venue Access.

* Photos / photocopies of documents / driving licences or other forms of ID will NOT be accepted.

How can I change my personal data?

If any of your information has changed, you can log back into your registration account  and select ‘Update My Personal Information’.  If you make any changes to your registration, please ensure you click the “Submit” button at the bottom of the page; otherwise your data will not be saved.

Please note however that you are unable to change your Last Name and Email Address.

Download the official #MWC19 event app