Corporate Tours

4YFN in collaboration with Heywood & Sons offer your corporate delegation a personalised experience of 4YFN. Through a highly curated Corporate Tour service, your time at 4YFN will be made as productive as possible towards your innovation and strategic objectives. ​

The 4YFN Corporate Tours are the only official tours offered at 4YFN.*​

The unique resources available to 4YFN as the event organiser and the impressive track record of Heywood & Sons in the area of corporate venturing are fully harnessed to ensure a top quality scouting and curation process, as well as make the experience both enriching and effective for the corporate.​

The Corporate Tours are primarily addressed at VPs and other senior corporate managers working in areas including: innovation, R&D, strategy, product development and corporate ventures.​

* In agreement with the 4YFN Barcelona 2020 Terms and Conditions, third parties are not allowed to offer or host any program, free or paid, during the course of the Event which competes with the official 4YFN tours without the prior written permission of GSMA, which will be granted or denied in GSMA’s sole discretion. To find out more, please consult our 4YFN Barcelona 2020 Terms and Conditions.