What is BREEZ?

At the GSMA we constantly explore ways of improving  our attendees’ experience at MWC and 4YFN.  We strive to include leading cutting-edge technologies in our attendee experience.

At 4YFN in 2020, the prime method of accessing the event will be using BREEZ [Biometric Recognition Easy Entry Zone] facial recognition technology.  This has removed the need for attendees to collect a badge for the event.  BREEZ access lanes will be available at the entrance in Hall 5.

Who can use BREEZ?

All attendees to 4YFN are encourage to go ‘badgeless’ and participate in using this cutting edge technology.  Enrolment to BREEZ is voluntary.

How can I enrol to use BREEZ?

Either during or after you complete your Event registration, you can enrol in BREEZ by following these simple steps:

  • Grant your explicit consent to use BREEZ.  
  • Upon consenting, you will be directed to upload or take a photo via Facial Recognition System for the creation of your biometric profile.
  • The uploaded BREEZ photo will pass through a quality verification (QV) check to ensure that your photo is suitable for use in our access lanes. If you have any issues during this step, then we can also enrol you when you arrive at the venue.
  • Activate your BREEZ enrolment by presenting your passport or EU issued ID card at the BREEZ ID check desk at Hall 5  
  • Once you are checked in, you can just go straight to the BREEZ lanes every time you enter the venue, no need to show ID.

Please note the following if you are enrolling in BREEZ on a mobile device:

You can use a mobile device to complete the registration process, which includes BREEZ enrollment, however to ensure the best experience and maximum compatibility we have the following mobile browser recommendations depending on the device’s operating system:

  • iOS – If you are using an iPhone or iPad we recommend that you use the safari mobile web browser to complete the registration process.
  • Android – If you are using a device running an Android operating system we recommend that you use Chrome or Firefox for the best registration experience.

How can I opt out of BREEZ?

Your consent to participate in BREEZ remains valid for as long as you maintain your 4YFN account or until you opt-out of BREEZ.  

You can opt out of BREEZ by withdrawing your consent at any time by accessing your registration account via https://4yfn-register.mwcbarcelona.com/login and deselecting the BREEZ option, or by contacting [email protected]

If you withdraw your consent prior to or during the Event, you must present your a passport or EU national ID card to obtain an Event badge in order to enter the Event.

Please note that although your consent remains valid for as long as you maintain your MWC/4YFN account, your biometric data is stored and retained in the European Union for the duration of the Event and only kept for 4 weeks after the Event. This is an important step to protect your information. Only when you register to a subsequent Event using your MWC/4YFN account, the biometric token will be re-generated.  

How does it work?

After you consent to BREEZ and upload a photo, our facial recognition software analyses facial features by taking measurements of data points that make up the face. These data points include the distance between your eyes and the distance from forehead to chin, amongst other charaterisctics. The technology processes a number of data points to create a real-time map of your face. This is converted into a secure anonymous data pattern using a complex algorithm to create your biometric token.

Your biometric token will be stored and retained in the European Union for the duration of the Event and securely destroyed within 4 weeks post-Event. GSMA is committed to protecting your personal data. We have implemented appropripriate technical and organizational measures to ensure that your data is secured at all times. Each biometric token is encrypted and stored in a database separate from the raw data used in its creation.

If you are a returning BREEZ-enrolled attendee, once you register for the Event your biometric token will be re-created following the steps listed in the first paragraph.

During the registration process, you will also have the opportunity to upload your passport / EU National ID information using a camera capture or an image upload. If you choose to input your passport / EU National ID information using one of these methods the image captured will be compared to your BREEZ profile  to verify that the document being entered matches the registrant. This process is engineered to improve the onsite experience by removing the need for an attendee to validate their identification at the point of check-in and keep an ID within their possession in order to collect a badge and access the event venue.   

At the Event, BREEZ will be used for the purposes of identification of enrolled attendees. When you enter the BREEZ lane and approach a camera you will be recognised and granted access to the Event. This is done by matching the real-time image of your face with the biometric token created during the registration process.

if BREEZ is contactless, can I leave my badge and ID at the hotel?

4YFN attendees that are enrolled in BREEZ are not required to have printed badges.  If you decide to opt out, you will be required to collect a badge and show ID every time you enter the event.

Everyone in Spain is legally required to carry a valid ID or passport at all times. Therefore, attendees should keep such identification documents with them during the Event. 

Is MWC also badgeless?

At the moment MWC is still a badged event.  All 4YFN attendees have access to MWC on Thursday 27 February 2020.  Please head to the North Entrance at FIRA Gran Via to collect your MWC event badge on Thursday.

Where can I find more information about GSMA Privacy Policy?

For further information on how GSMA handles your personal data and how to exercise your privacy rights please check our Privacy Policy available at https://www.gsma.com/aboutus/legal/privacy