Why should I apply? 4YFN Awards 2016 Winner, Pixoneye reveals all….

After receiving almost 600 entries from contestants spanning over 200 cities in 60 countries worldwide, 25 finalists showcased their ideas from a booth and took it in turns to take center stage and compete for the winning title during the 4YFN Awards 2016!

3 Themes, 3 Competitions, 3 Days, 3 Winners!

Hosted by the co-founder of F6S and Tech.euJon Bradford, the 2016 Awards were split into the following themes: Disrupted by Mobile (Monday), Internet of Things (Tuesday) and Digital Media (Wednesday). Each theme involved the finalists pitching, followed by a panel of judges announcing the winner.

We caught up with the winner from the Digital Media track, Pixoneye – a company that develops image understanding technologies for the marketing and advertising world – to find out how they have been getting on since the Awards and if they have had an impact on their business since. Here is what they had to say….


Tell us a bit about your winning application:

The application itself was focused solely around the company vision. We placed a lot of emphasis around the depth of experience and the quality of our team. Instead of listing features of our technology we told the story behind the idea and the market drivers, and therefore how “mobile focused” the technology developments were.


What encouraged you to participate in the Awards?

Being a mobile focused company, we mapped out the various opportunities available for us to showcase our company throughout the year and there was no doubt that MWC was the main event regarding mobile. Within MWC there are quite a lot of opportunities but the 4YFN competition (being separated into three categories) allows for smaller companies to take to the main stage!


The 4YFN awards were our biggest stage at that time and by far the most attractive one to be on! Trust us, we have been on a few!


As the winner of the Digital Media category, what words of encouragement would you give to other entrepreneurs looking to apply?

The Awards stage is not your average pitch opportunity. The judges and the audience are fully engaged and are there not because they’ve been sent, but because they want to be blown away by the new capabilities and developments in the market.

Due to the strong mobile focus, just the application process alone allows you to truly map out your mobile strategy. However, once you are on that awards stage you get the chance to really show how you’re in the driver’s seat of innovation. Not because you say so in your deck, but because you have been validated by the industry. At that point you have six minutes to “wow” the crowd so make sure you have something amazing to say!


What has happened for Pixoneye since the Awards?

Having won awards in the past, we didn’t put much thought to the impact of winning. In fact, I booked my flight back home within 2 hours following the announcement of the winner.

However, when I arrived at the airport I glanced at my phone before going to flight mode and bam! 320 comments, shares, SMS’, LinkedIn, tweets and emails!

It wasn’t just a momentary hype either. Winning this award has seen us have the opportunity to pitch to most of the ad agencies around London, we used the award to support the launch of our series A round which we successfully closed, and most importantly, gave us the credibility we needed when approaching big clients.


Key statistics:

Pixoneye at the 4YFN Awards 2016: 4 employees, £600K raised capital, 3 beta clients.

Pixoneye since the 4YFN Awards 2016: 15 employees, £3.1M raised capital, revenue positive.


Do you have any success stories that you wish to share with us?

Following the awards ceremony, a lot of the agencies and relevant clients (whose employees attended the event) threw their own events back at their HQ showcasing the most interesting things they saw at 4YFN.

Being the winner of the Digital Media award, we were invited to present at quite a lot of these events. One success story was our relationship with Starcom Mediavest, a technology-focused ad agency that has put a lot of effort towards including us at every client facing opportunity, allowing us to display our company at their internal Mobile summit which in turn opened the door to their long client list!


Please share any further comments with us that you may have:

Here is a link to some tips I wrote following our attendance to the 4YFN last year!

As you can see, the benefits of entering a competition on this scale can do wonders to your startup business, helping to propel it, opening doors that were often considered unreachable beforehand.

If you would like to enter the 4YFN Awards 2017 and have the chance to pitch on stage and showcase your product from a booth, then apply here by 4 January.


Categories for the 4YFN Awards 2017 are:

Monday – Disrupted by Mobile

Tuesday – Internet of Things

Wednesday – Digital Media


For more information about the 4YFN Awards 2017, visit our website.


4YFN 2017 takes place in Barcelona from 27 February – 1 March 2017.