Samer Halawi


Speaker Bio

Samer Halawi is a seasoned Telecom executive with a successful track record in building and transforming companies, globally. He brings tremendous experience and expertise, with more than 30 years in the automotive industry, investment banking, telecommunications, and global satellite communications.
Samer is currently the CEO of AALTO HAPS, an Airbus subsidiary developing a connectivity and earth observation business that leverages the pioneering and record-breaking Zephyr HAPS (High-Altitude Platform Stations).
Before that, Samer was Executive Vice President and Chief Commercial Officer for Intelsat, where he was responsible for leading the Company’s global commercial operations with revenues close to $2 billion, including the mobility, media, government, and enterprise businesses, as well as the sales and marketing and communications teams.
Prior to joining Intelsat, Samer served as Chief Commercial Officer for OneWeb where he established and oversaw the product management, distribution, communications, business development, strategy, and sales and marketing functions for the company.
Before that, Samer held the position of Chief Executive Officer for Thuraya Telecommunications Company for six years, where he led a turnaround in Thuraya’s performance and positioning and drove its growth to become a prominent international mobile satellite operator.
Samer spent eight years at Inmarsat in global strategy and running operations for the Middle East, Africa, and Asia Pacific. His telecommunications experience includes roles at Flag Telecom and ICO Global Communications (ICO). His role at ICO followed a private placement for the shares of the company that he led during a three-year period in investment banking in the Middle East. Samer began his career in the automotive industry, where he occupied several positions with Chrysler Corporation and Ford Motor Company in Michigan, USA.
Samer holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering from Lawrence Technological University and an MBA from the University of Michigan at Ann Arbor in the United States. He speaks 3 languages fluently.