Lara Padilla Perdomo

Member, Youth Advisory Group, Unicef Spain

Speaker Bio

I am Lara, I am 21 years old and I am from the Canary Islands. Currently, I am a student and volunteer as a member of the Youth Participation Advisory Council of Unicef Spain and I am also a volunteer in Global Shapers Las Palmas. I have participated in different groups and events, my biography looks like this:

- For 8 years member of the participation group CAI (Child Friendly City) of Puerto del Rosario (2010-2018). Currently I continue to participate in specific events related to Education or local campaigns.

Within the Youth Advisory Group:

- Self-organised spaces at the V Congress of Child Friendly Cities (2018).

- Online assemblies:
▪ Assembly on Mental Health during the pandemic (2020).
▪ Environment Assembly (2021).

- Reviewing and contributing to state laws and action plans, including the Climate Change Action Plan and the Child Guarantee Action Plan.

- Participation and organisation of self-organised space on mental health in the CAI Forum (2021).

- Face-to-face workshop in Madrid on types of discrimination and how to address them (2022).

- Campaigns in networks with Unicef linked to Climate Change and Children's Rights.

- Member of the Independent Expert Group of the Citizens' Climate Assembly (2021-2022).

- Presentation of the Unicef Mental Health Report (2021).

- Meeting with Vice-President Teresa Ribera to present the conclusions of the Unicef Environment Assembly and share views on the Citizens' Assembly. (2021)

- Participation in the Congress "The Challenges of Justice for Children in the 21st Century: Acting Now!"

- Open Dialogue on Mental Health (2022)

- Participation in the Soria Dialogues (2022)

- Participant of the Spanish Youth Delegation at COP27 in Egypt (2022):

▪ It's time youth participation for Climate Action
▪ Climate leadership looking forward: an intergenerational dialogue between women and youth leaders.

- Moderation of Round Table - Sharing experiences of child and adolescent participation at local, regional and state level (2023)

- Participation in the Campaign "El futuro que nos mueve - La Salud como vehículo de inclusión" (2023)

- Participation in UNICEF East Asia-Europe Child-Friendly Cities Interregional Exchange (2023)

- Climate Action Experiences Roundtable with Unicef Colombia (2023)