Jim O’connor

Chairman and CEO, USTTI

Speaker Bio

Jim O’Connor is the Chairman and CEO of the USTTI- a nonprofit, US government-industry joint venture intended to meet the telecommunications and cybersecurity training needs of the women and men who design, regulate and oversee the communications infrastructures of the developing world. Since 1982, the USTTI has graduated over ten thousand officials from 178 developing countries.

In his role as Chairman and CEO O’Connor works with developing country Governments to identify priority policy and technology issues in order to develop the USTTI’s annual curriculum. Additionally, Jim is responsible for coordination with USTTI Board members from US government and industry to ensure USTTI course offerings showcase innovative technologies and services, while also highlighting the vital role of independent regulatory bodies in promoting economic growth in the global marketplace.

Since joining the USTTI in 2007, Jim has worked his way through the organization from a project coordinator to Executive Director, to President, and then in 2020 being named Chairman and CEO.

O’Connor is an alumnus of Saint Joseph’s University where he graduated with a Bachelor’s in Political Science.