Thomas E. Abell

Director, Digital Technology for Development Division Climate Change and Sustainable Development Department (CCSD), Asian Development Bank (ADB)

Speaker Bio

Thomas Abell is the Director for ADB's Digital Technology for Development Division, which promotes the effective use of digital technology across ADB programs to improve development impact. His team works with ADB member countries in supporting the transition to the digital economy and provides assistance across many areas, including eGovernment, connectivity, tech startup ecosystems, earth observation, technology policy, and industry partnerships.

Thomas has over 30 years of professional experience in digital technology, including technology policy and strategy, software development, and systems architecture. During his 10+ years of experience in international development, he has worked extensively across Asia, Africa and Latin America, working with governments, development organizations, NGOs and corporations. He has authored many publications on technology innovation in development, focused mainly on education, financial inclusion and agriculture. Thomas has master’s degrees in engineering and management and a bachelors in engineering from MIT.