Lauren O'Neil

Entrepreneur/Student, IESE

Speaker Bio

Originally from California, Lauren moved to Boston to pursue dual degrees in the Middle East and North Africa Studies and International Relations. While at Boston University, Lauren co-founded a nonprofit organization committed to delivering accurate aid information to Syrian refugees, recognizing the crucial need for reliable resources in times of crisis.

Transitioning into the legal sphere, Lauren moved to Washington, D.C. where she served as a paralegal and office manager at a law firm exclusively dedicated to representing nonprofits. Through this experience, Lauren taught herself how to run a small business while deepening her understanding of corporate law.

Venturing further into the realm of international development, Lauren joined Internews, an international nonprofit supporting independent media worldwide, where she held diverse roles spanning program and business operations. This multifaceted experience fueled her passion for driving positive change through innovative ventures.

Currently pursuing an MBA at IESE, Lauren is actively engaged in the vibrant entrepreneurship ecosystem as co-president of the Startup and Entrepreneurship Club. Beyond academia, she has pursued entrepreneurship by exploring two startup ideas of her own and assisting peers in developing their ventures over the last two years.

With a keen interest in digital health, Lauren is on the lookout for opportunities to channel her passion for innovation into projects with the potential to revolutionize healthcare. Post-graduation, she is excited about continuing her entrepreneurship journey, eagerly seeking like-minded individuals as co-founders or exploring roles within early-stage startups where she can contribute expertise and drive innovation forward.