Brett Tarnutzer

Director, Satellite Policy, SpaceX

Speaker Bio

Brett Tarnutzer currently serves as a Director of Spectrum Policy for SpaceX’s Starlink system, where he concentrates on shaping international spectrum policy initiatives. In this capacity, he directs strategic efforts to navigate the complexities of global spectrum policy and standards to advance Starlink's connectivity mission. Prior to joining SpaceX, Mr. Tarnutzer served as the Head of Spectrum for the GSMA for six years, where he collaborated with the membership to direct the Association’s full range of global spectrum activities and represented it on critical spectrum policy issues with national governments and multilateral organizations.

He has also held several positions within the US Federal Communications Commission (FCC) starting in 1993. At the FCC he played instrumental roles in spectrum management. As Assistant Chief of the Wireless Telecommunications Bureau and a senior member of the Incentive Auction Task Force, he led efforts to implement the groundbreaking incentive auction for spectrum in the 600 MHz band, emphasizing both technical innovation and policy advocacy. Mr. Tarnutzer has also made significant contributions to international spectrum issues during his tenure as a private consultant.

Mr. Tarnutzer holds a Master's Degree in Telecommunications Science Management and Policy from Northwestern University in the United States and a Bachelor of Arts in Telecommunications from the University of Wisconsin.