Virginie Debris

MD Messaging, Sinch

Speaker Bio

Virginie Debris is the Managing Director for Messaging at Sinch. She has been working in the mobile industry for 20 years in a range of senior leadership positions spanning business development, international operations, and product management.  

 With a wealth of experience providing services for operators and enterprises such as multi-channel customer engagement, RCS messaging, IoT, and monetization services, she has gained a profound understanding of all aspects of the telecom sphere. Her big-picture vision, combined with a deep technical expertise, helps drive Sinch’s mission to transform customer communications.  

Virginie holds a Master of Science degree in Telecommunication Systems Engineering and an MBA in Marketing. She has been recognized as one of the top 100 most influential people globally in the Roaming & Interconnect industry and served as a board member of the Mobile Ecosystem Forum (MEF).