Robin Bylenga

VP and Information Security Lead, DWS

Speaker Bio

Robin Lennon (Bylenga) is an industry-recognised and international speaker discussing topics such as human factors in cybersecurity, internal threat management, building a security culture and more recently AI Strategy from a CSO perspective.  As a thought leader, she provides in-depth direction and guidance on a significant blind spot in cybersecurity—The human element. By speaking in various forums, Robin carefully engages, collaborates, and mentors different audiences on the value of human factors in cybersecurity.  Bylenga’s recent thesis on leveraging the Human Factors Analysis Classification System in cybersecurity (HFACS-Cyber) is grounding breaking; this research provides an exclusive insight into the importance of applying an error taxonomy to determine the underlying causal factors that led to a breach.


Bylenga is the Co-Founder of the Global Human Factors Cybersecurity Council, a working group to assist business organisations in addressing human performance and human behavioural issues in cybersecurity.  She is VP and Information Security Lead at DWS and holds a master’s degree in Information Security with Distinction from Royal Holloway, University of London.  She currently resides in London and is active in many professional organisations such as the Investment Association (Cyber Resilience Operating Group), SASIG, ISACA and the London Ladies Hacking Society.



Robin Lennon (Bylenga), MHRD, MSc

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