Balaji Krishnan

CEO, Displace

Speaker Bio

Balaji Krishnan is the founder and CEO of Displace, the world’s first wireless television. He’s also the founder and CEO of three more startups Frazy, RedKangaroo and Chill Theaters disrupting different industries using technology. A serial entrepreneur, he has more than two decades of experience building new technology solutions and innovations for some of the most well-recognized tech companies in the world. Previously, Balaji founded two technology companies, DabKick and Snapstick, both of which were successfully acquired.

In 2015, Balaji founded DabKick, which introduced the smart streaming device called Dabby that won the ‘Best of CES’ award in 2020. DabKick also introduced the ‘watch together’ experience for TVs, in which people can live stream with friends while enjoying videos, music, photos and memes together all on the same screen. DabKick was recently acquired by a publicly traded company.

In 2011, Balaji founded Snapstick, a consumer device startup that brought the world’s first mobile-to-TV experience to peoples’ homes in order to solve the problems he personally experienced with the TV offerings. In 2014, Snapstick was acquired by TiVo Corporation (formerly Rovi Corporation).

Earlier in his career, Balaji worked in the core technology groups at Sun Microsystems, Hewlett-Packard and Oracle building complex technologies like database transaction engine and operating systems kernel development.