Abdulah J. Aljohani

Wireless Technology Expert, Communications, Space and Technology Commission (CST), Saudi Arabia

Speaker Bio

Abdulah J. Aljohani is Wireless Communication Expert at the Communications, Space and Technology Commission (CST) in Riyadh, KSA. Concurrently, I hold the position of Associate Professor of Electrical Engineering at King Abdulaziz University, Jeddah, KSA, where I contribute to the academic and practical advancements in the field. My roles underscore a deep commitment to enhancing connectivity, spearheading technological innovations, and navigating complex regulatory landscapes, including substantial contributions to ITU-R regulations. Abdulah is a Senior IEEE Member and in the field of Wireless Communications, possesses a wealth of over 14 years in pioneering the development and implementation of several solutions in Wireless Communications, AI, and IoT. Holding a Bachelor of Science in Electronics and Communication Engineering from King Abdulaziz University and furthering his expertise with Master's and Ph.D. degrees in Wireless Communication from the University of Southampton, UK.