Olivia Ellice-Flint

Brand Lead, NOWATCH

Speaker Bio

Olivia Ellice-Flint brings a history of brand and marketing experience to her role as Brand Lead at NOWATCH, a premium smartwatch that encourages a more connected approach to health by advocating for sustained enhancements rather than temporary solutions. With a goal to improve one’s relationship with stress and mental well-being. NOWATCH uses cutting-edge science and technology to track its wearer’s stress, sleep, exercise and habits and leverages creative AI to help the wearer understand their health data, manage their stress better over time and have fewer prolonged bouts of stress.

Before joining NOWATCH, Olivia spent a number of years working in the tech, cultural, and food sectors, where she developed and executed creative, effective brand, content, marketing and communications strategies at W.Green, Oedipus Brewing, The Cultural Index and TNW. 

At the heart of her philosophy, Olivia holds a deep commitment to making health information not just available but also accessible and engaging, grounded in the belief that clarity and relatability are key to meaningful health communication. She values the intersection of Eastern and Western medicine, seeing preventive healthcare as a vital component of overall well-being and longevity. She seeks to blend traditional insights with contemporary scientific findings, a perspective that resonates with her work at NOWATCH. Here, she finds alignment in the shared goal of nurturing healthier, more rewarding lives through thoughtful, proactive and long-term health practices.

Olivia holds a bachelor’s degree in International Business and Marketing from the University of Technology Sydney.