Philipp Barthold

CTO, Mytheresa

Speaker Bio

Philipp Barthold joined Mytheresa in 2018 as Chief Technology Officer and was the founding member of the company in Barcelona.

Philipp leads and oversees the software development and its operations of the technology stack – webstore, mobile apps, ERP - , cybersecurity and the technical infrastructure of Mytheresa’s platform. His profound knowledge of technology and his strategic leadership have been instrumental in ensuring Mytheresa’s in-house technology build-up and continuous development.

Before joining Mytheresa, Philipp held several leadership roles in the technology and e-commerce industry. He previously served as the Vice President of Product Development at Magento Commerce LLC, which was later acquired by Adobe plc. Prior to that, he served as the Senior Director of Product Development at eBay, having joined the company after heading the Consumer Risk and Fraud Management division for PayPal plc in Europe. His experience in managing technology in the e-commerce domain has been invaluable in strengthening Mytheresa's technological capabilities.