Valerie Allie

Video Solutions Senior Director, InterDigital

Speaker Bio

Valérie Allié is a Senior Director leading InterDigital’s Video Solutions Research Group, which supports the deployment of 2D and immersive video codecs.

In addition to her responsibilities at InterDigital, Valérie has explored and advanced research in immersive technologies since 2017, especially around volumetric video solutions that address mixed reality experiences and technologies that support augmented reality glasses. Currently, she is focused on the deployment of MPEG V3C codecs to support the delivery of immersive content with point clouds and multi-view plus depth. Valérie is also InterDigital’s program coordinator for Advanced HDR solutions since 2022, focused on the deployment of efficient HEVC, VVC, and HDR technologies.

Valérie has significant expertise in research labs management and has spent more than seven years in technology transfer and licensing.