Anne-Flore Agard

VP, Head of T&M Europe, Capgemini Engineering, Capgemini

Speaker Bio

Anne Flore Agard is a seasoned executive with a track record in IT, engineering and Digital Transformation in the Telecom, Eenrgy & Utilities, Transport industry.

As the Head of Telecom and Media in Europe at Capgemini Engineering, she brings extensive experience in delivering value to customers, driving innovation, and improving efficiency. Her career began at Alcatel, leading sales for Mobile Networks to CSPs in Southern Africa. Later, she served as the Head of the Energy and Utilities Industry at SFR, delivering critical networks, leading IoT initiatives, and participating in the first private network projects in the Energy and Transport industries.

Before joining Capgemini in 2021, as Sales Director of the BU Telco, Energy, and Consumer focusing on developing the Intelligent Industry business, she led the Southern Europe Transport & Retail Business Unit and Global Air Transport industry at Atos.

She is known for her customer-centric approach, strong ability to drive deals, building trustful relationships, and commitment to execution and the quality of delivery.

Anne Flore excels at crafting visionary strategies and executing them to perfection. Her talent for fostering empowerment, and enhancing collaboration is pivotal to achieving her goals. She is dedicated to leading teams, driving change, and championing diversity.