Hiren Shukla

Neurodiversity & Inclusive Value Leader, EY

Speaker Bio

As a refugee from a family of 7, who came to the U.S. escaping genocide, I was trained to find value and invest in the most import resource that fuels the world - people.

As a the founder of EY's unique innovation model, the Neuro-Diverse Center of Excellence that has created over $1B in value around the world, I have worked with some of world's largest organizations to be part of powerful ecosystems that continually innovate, create sustainable value and engage deeper with customers.

From CBS 60 Minutes with Anderson Cooper to designation as a Global Lighthouse by the World Economic Forum, I am on a mission to create massive collaborative value across business, government, education and non-profit sectors.

If you're curious to learn that the future of our customers, colleagues and communities is driven by neurodiversity, let's talk !