Geertina Hamstra

Conversational AI Expert, Moet Ik Naar De Dokter

Speaker Bio

Geertina Hamstra is a conversational AI-expert with 19 years of experience in the chatbot field. She built her first chatbot on MSN Messenger in 2005.

Since that initial bot, hundreds have come to life, always incorporating the newest available technologies. Her interest naturally lies in new technology, but she is also passionate about the combination of conversational AI and healthcare.

After creating several health-related chatbots, the opportunity arose to develop a voicebot for the healthcare company "Moet ik naar de dokter?" It's a voice triage bot. It ensures that every patient who calls the after-hours doctors' post goes through a well-designed call flow and is carefully placed in a safe waiting queue on the telephone. As a result of speech-to-text, triage specialists can subsequently read the spoken words of the patient, which helps them to have efficient conversations  with the patient once they pick up the phone.