Jade Nester

Head of Data Public Policy, Europe, TikTok

Speaker Bio

Jade Nester is TikTok's Head of Data Public Policy, Europe. She leads a team of subject matter experts focused on privacy, security, user wellbeing, and child safety. She's been working on Internet public policy issues for 18 years. Prior to joining TikTok, she was Director, Consumer Policy at the GSMA. Prior to GSMA, she worked on data protection and security compliance at Promontory Financial Group. She also served the U.S. Government for 9 years, at the Commerce Dept/National Telecommunications and Information Administraton, State Department, U.S. Federal Trade Commission.

During her time in the government, Jade worked on a range of matters, including international commercial data flows (including US-EU frameworks), the Obama Administration's Consumer Privacy Bill of Rights, the White House Big Data and Privacy Working Group, and served as a Head of Delegation and Alternate Head of Delegation at meetings at the OECD and International Telecommunication Union.