Sam Barker

VP, Telecoms Market Research, Juniper Research

Speaker Bio

Sam is Vice President of Telecoms Market Research at Juniper Research. Leading the Service Providers team, Sam focuses on telecommunications technologies and the future of digital content; helping stakeholders understand these markets through strategic reports, market sizing and forecasts. His recent research includes CPaaS, Flash Calling Authentication, and Operator Revenue Strategies. Sam has led several consultancy projects, including the production of whitepapers that highlight solutions that mitigate the prevalence of fraudulent traffic, thought leaderships pieces on digital content and 5G networks, and marketing materials that boosted vendor visibility in saturated markets. Sam has been interviewed by leading media outlets, including the BBC, Wall Street Journal and other news sources. He has also contributed to messaging conferences, and is a regular speaker for organisers such as MEF (Mobile Ecosystem Forum) and World Telemedia.