Agustin Diaz-Pines

Deputy Head, Future Connectivity Systems, European Commission

Speaker Bio

Agustin Diaz-Pines is Deputy Head of the Unit “Future Connectivity Systems” at DG CNECT (European Commission), responsible for the policy and strategic developments in 5G and 6G communication networks as part of the Digital Decade strategy to foster investment, innovation and European leadership in the field.

His previous roles at the European Commission include policy development in electronic communications and policy assistant to the Director of Artificial Intelligence and Digital Industry at DG CNECT, and merger review in the telecoms, ICT and media sectors in DG Competition.

Previously he worked as a telecommunications economist at the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD, Paris). He started his career at the Spanish government (State Secretariat for Telecommunications and the Information Society), involved in national and European ICT policy.

Agustin holds a Masters in Telecommunications Engineering from the Madrid University of Technology and a PhD in Management/Economic Sciences from École Polytechnique/Paris-Saclay in Paris (France).