Marjolein Medendorp

Roaming Expert, Telefonica Mòviles Spain

Speaker Bio

By now, I have formed part of the club of "dinosaurs" of the global roaming world and have been in the business since 1997, when I started developing roaming services at a Chilean operator. Once back in the Netherlands, this work continued at a Dutch operator where I got more actively involved with the GSMA Working Groups responsible for the commercial specifications of roaming and interconnection. This continued when I moved to Spain, where I had the opportunity to start with the introduction of 3G roaming for Telefónica Spain, followed by 4G roaming and now 5G roaming.  


For over a decade, I have been leading the group that develops and maintains the roaming charging principles and the business requirements for billing and settlement of inter-operator services at the GSMA level. This group also specifies the principles for implementing new services at the inter-operator level.   


Although my CV only reflects a few job changes, I can assure you that the roles of my job has changed year after year due to the new technologies and solutions typical of the mobile communications industry!