Phil Oh


Speaker Bio

Mr. Phil Oh is the Chief Technology Officer of KT and leads the Technology Innovation Division, a result of the merger between the R&D units and IT department. Oh is primarily tasked with AI driven service developments and strategies at KT, guiding AI-specific units of AI2X Lab and AI Tech Lab to reinforce core technological competitiveness in the AI field. Oh also heads the KT Consulting Group, a team of experts in Cloud, AI and IT, dedicated to enhancing the company’s B2B market presence by aggressively advancing AI capabilities into new enterprise service Portfolio.

Oh has previously served as the Executive VP in Hyundai Card/Commercial, overseeing Digital Biz Unit consisting of Digital Product division (App/Web), IT division and AI Biz divisions to help Hyundai Card transition into a “Digital Company in Finance.” Despite his lack of prior experience in financial sector, Oh’s diverse background, while unconventional, played a major role in the company’s transformation and far beyond just the financial industry.

As a prominent AI and Big Data Processing expert in the industry, Oh formed an optimized organization for its digital companies and set in motion a work environment to recreate the uniquely rigid culture of the financial sector. Under Oh’s leadership, Hyundai Card /Commercial successfully promoted digital transformation in various areas such as data, AI and Blockchain.

In particular, Oh established the Big Data Platform, essential to Hyundai Card’s data science, algorithm enhancement, and its transition to a digital company. He also effectively incorporated data science into all business areas by introducing the concept of P/D-Tag, an AI-based prediction model. More recently, he has been working to distribute Hyundai Card's six year know-how to external customers and has developed the Universe platform—a cloud-based data science solution to help consumers achieve easy digital transformation. Before joining Hyundai Card/Commercial, Oh started his career at NASA and worked for leading Silicon Valley tech companies such as Yahoo and Microsoft, affirming himself as a veteran in the US tech industry.

Phil Oh graduated from the University of Wyoming with a master's degree in computer science.