Pavan Ananth

Founder & CEO, Pravesh Global

Speaker Bio

Pavan Ananth is the Founder and CEO of Pravesh, a boutique mission-driven organization focused on introducing and scaling global innovations in emerging markets. He has over a decade of experience in fostering partnerships between governments, start-ups, corporates and non-profits to launch innovations that impact healthcare, education, digital transformation and public service delivery. Before Pravesh, Pavan led Global Business Development at Zipline and successfully introduced drone logistics of medical commodities in India and Africa. His tenure as a Manager at Samagra in India saw him spearheading governance transformation initiatives, particularly in healthcare and education. Pavan has lived and worked in India, Singapore, Philippines, Kenya and Germany and has seen the transformative impact of technology and innovative collaboration in people's lives. An alumni of Nanyang Tech University from Singapore, Pavan is committed to contributing to societal betterment and innovative growth.