Jesse Robbers

Co-Founder & Executive Board Member, Quantum Delta NL

Speaker Bio

Jesse Robbers is "Co-Founder & Executive Board Member of Quantum Delta NL (QDNL). Quantum Delta NL is the national Quantum Initiative (NQI) of the Netherlands, who has the goal to accelerate Quantum Technology developments in NL (Quantum Computers, Quantum Networks and Quantum Sensors), build the Dutch Quantum ecosystem, coordinate on strategic level, national and international level. Jesse Robbers is Director responsible for "Industry & Digital Infrastructure" and coordinating the National & International Quantum (Internet) Network developments. Is national representative in EuroQCI Board, member of the Research and Innovation advisory Group (RIAG) of EuroHPC and advisor in different European Quantum Network initiatives, like the Quantum Internet Alliance (QIA), the Belgium Quantum Network initiative and many others. Jesse is also affiliated with TNO. He was Co-Founder of the Dutch GAIA-X Hub, CCO at the "Amsterdam Internet Exchange (AMS-IX)" and "Technical Director Benelux" at "Ericsson Broadcast and Media Services" (now REDBee Media). He fulfilled various leadership roles at the Dutch telecom operator KPN. He has held several non-executive board positions in organisations who stimulate new international and joint industry developments, like "Digital Infrastructure Nederland (DINL)", the "Dutch Media Hub (DMH)" and the "National Agenda Quantum Technology (NAQT)".