Jeremy Thompson

Executive VP & Cybersecurity Officer, Huawei

Speaker Bio

Jeremy Thompson works for Huawei Europe and is focused on aligning Huawei’s strategic development activities and security capabilities with key European customers and Governments.

Jeremy joined Huawei UK in 2012 as Deputy Managing Director with specific responsibility for carrier strategy, business change and key customers.
In 2015, Jeremy was based in Shenzhen, China. This role included supporting the development of Huawei’s carrier strategy globally and strategy development in Asia, Europe and South America.

Prior to Huawei, Jeremy worked for 20 years in senior management roles (including product leadership and telecoms joint venture development) for BT Group in the UK, Spain and the Nordics.
He previously worked in the USA and UK for an IBM software company and consulting business.

Jeremy attended the University of London, London Business School and University of Greenwich.