Tamara Gondo

Founder & CEO, Liberty Society

Speaker Bio

Tamara Gondo is CEO of Liberty Society, a social enterprise of eco & impactful B2B merchandise & green campaigns that empowers marginalized women. Because of her passion to combine profit and purpose in the intersection business and social impact, she has 9+ years background in social impact consulting, non profit & startup incubation. She has worked with more than 100 brands to give livelihood to 200 marginalized refugees & women to create eco goods, upcycling 2 tonnes of waste. 

Currently she resides in Jakarta, Indonesia, consulting for brands, corporations and NGOs on livelihood generation activities and women empowerment. 

Aside from social work, She was Miss Indonesia Jawa Timur 2019.  Liberty Society was named #1 winner of Women Empowerment Principles award 2021. Most recently, she is one of the 14 Global Young Leaders for Generation 17, a program by Samsung & UNDP to advocate for the Sustainable Development Goals. https://liberty-society.com/