Josep Heredia Perez

General Manager, The Ricky Rubio Foundation

Speaker Bio

I am Josep Heredia, born in the beautiful city of Barcelona on March 17, 1989. Let me share with you a glimpse into my journey, fueled by a deep passion for my chosen path.

My academic voyage led me to IQS Business School, where I delved into Business Administration and Management. Seeking a broader perspective, I embarked on an enriching exchange program at Loyola Chicago University, where I absorbed new knowledge and embraced diverse viewpoints.

Venturing into the professional arena, I took on pivotal roles as a Project Manager and BI Programmer at Seidor. These experiences not only refined my skills but also provided me with valuable insights into the intricacies of the business world.

A noteworthy chapter in my career unfolded when I assumed the role of Manager for NBA player Ricky Rubio. Managing the dynamic career of a high-profile individual was a challenging yet rewarding experience.

Presently, I serve as the General Coordinator at The Ricky Rubio Foundation. In this capacity, I leverage my accumulated experiences and skills to contribute meaningfully to the foundation's objectives, striving to make a positive impact on the community.