Marina Geymonat

Director, Enterprise Data, AI & Analytics, Capgemini Invent Italy

Speaker Bio

Computer scientist with a focus on strategy and innovation, Marina has been working since 2008 on AI.

After 27 years in the Italian TIM, she moved to SISAL to successfully create an Innovation Center for the Company, focused on new technologies from AI to Virtual Reality, through Blockchain, IoT and more.

Lately, she joined Capgemini Invent to take the lead on the Enterprise Data, AI and Analytics group, to design the AI and Data Strategy at the Enterprise level, where she she can leverage her long experience in the telecommunications field as well as in AI adoption.

Thanks to a great team of experts, and leveraging Capgemini extensive expertise, Marina's  work consists in devising and designing the path to the best AI solutions, following their development and integration into each Company specific DNA all the way to their governance and operations. This end-to-end path - enabled by all Capgemini capabilities - is designed to improve both business results and quality of work.

Marina believes that, in addition to technological competences, cultivating a humanistic culture is essential to ensure that technological solutions follow an effective business strategy, designed by people for people, avoiding the common pitfall of creating expensive and unused high tech solutions.