Jens Heitland

CEO, WeAreSucceed

Speaker Bio

Jens Heitland, a visionary leader and innovator, has made significant strides in the realm of corporate innovation and leadership. His professional journey includes a notable tenure as the Global Head of Innovation at IKEA Centres, with a broad career spanning multiple countries and leading companies like M+W Zander, Deutsche Bank, Fjord - Accenture, and Foot Locker. Jens has been instrumental in steering product, service and organizational innovations across these organizations. Post-IKEA, Jens ventured into entrepreneurship, founding and co-founding several enterprises, including HEITLAND Innovation GmbH and Ai-Fortuna, aimed at fostering human-centric innovation. His ventures like XYZ-Playground and Succeed revolve around reverse mentorship and leadership assessment, while UpGREAT Production focuses on managing artists and executives.


Jens's influence extends beyond his businesses, transforming leaders and companies across various industries, including Retail, Professional Services, and Banking, in countries like the US, Canada, the UK, Sweden, the Netherlands, Denmark, Germany, and Spain. His academic contributions as a lecturer at Amsterdam and Barcelona University demonstrate his commitment to bridging the gap between theory and practice in Corporate Innovation, Leadership, and Entrepreneurship.


Additionally, Jens dedicates himself to mentoring first-time entrepreneurs in programs such as StartUB!, Rockstart, and 4YFN, in collaboration with the United Nations. His podcasts, 'The Jens Heitland Show' and 'The Daily Hint,' provide insights and advice on human innovation, resonating with his mission to connect innovative leaders with their aspirations. Through his varied endeavors, Jens Heitland stands out as a catalyst for change, inspiring a new wave of leadership and innovation.