Minsoo Na

Director & Head of 6G Development Team, SK Telecom

Speaker Bio

MIN SOO’s area of expertise is in mobile communication especially in access technology as operator R&D in the ICT technology and expansive experience in global standardization, R&D project management, and commercialization. 

He is currently Director and Head of 6G Development Team of Infra Tech. Office, where he leads end-to-end 6G R&D at SK Telecom, the largest mobile network operator in Korea. He has elected as Alterative Board Director at NGMN (Next Generation Mobile Networks Alliance).

He has been leading various ICT R&D projects at SKT and successfully deployed new technologies in on 5G/LTE-A/LTE/UMTS and global standardization & alliance on relative topic such as 3GPP, GSMA, NGMN as well.

MIN SOO, 260+ patents holder, has over a decade of experience in the wireless telecommunication fields. It has 140+ patents in Korea and 120+ patents in international countries. Accordingly, he won the best inventor award 4 times (2021/2017/2016/2015) at SK Telecom