Ken Wells

VP Technical Sales, floLIVE

Speaker Bio

Ken has been a leader in the wireless technology industry since 1986 through extensive experience across various roles. Ken has held many key roles throughout his career, including holding positions at Verizon Wireless, Cisco Jasper, and currently at floLIVE.

With a rich and diverse career spanning 30+ years in the dynamic realm of wireless technology, Ken has become a seasoned professional with extensive experience across various roles. From his early days as a technician to his current position integrating Enterprises, MVNO's and MNO's Networks with floLIVE's hyperlocal, global network. Ken has traversed the evolving landscape of the industry.

His expertise has been instrumental in shaping the connectivity landscape, contributing significantly to the growth and innovation in the wireless sector. Specializing in mission critical IoT solutions, Ken has been a key player in aiding customers across diverse sectors such as Utilities, Transportation, Media, Oil and Gas, Tracking, and many more.

In each role, Ken has brought forth a wealth of knowledge, driving the seamless integration of technology to meet the unique demands of various industries. He has been pivotal in facilitating the deployment of sophisticated solutions and advancing the capabilities of wireless networks.