Gonzalo Camarillo

Head of Implementation Components, Ericsson

Speaker Bio

Dr. Gonzalo Camarillo is the Head of Implementation Components at Ericsson, at the office of the CTO, where he also heads Ericsson's OSPO (Open Source Program Office). He is the chair of the MSC (Marketing Steering Committee) at the IOWN GF (Innovative Optical and Wireless Network Global Forum) and serves as Treasurer and on the Board of Directors of the W3C (World Wide Web Consortium).

Dr. Camarillo has been actively involved in the IETF (Internet Engineering Task Force) community for many years. He has served on the Internet Engineering Steering Group (IESG), the Internet Architecture Board (IAB), and the IETF LLC Board. He has also served as the IETF liaison manager to 3GPP, chaired working groups in several areas, and served in several directorates. He has also served as the chair of the Board of the Internet Society (ISOC) and of the Internet Society Foundation. Dr. Camarillo has authored numerous RFCs (Requests for Comments), scientific papers, patents, and books on Internet technologies.

Dr. Camarillo holds an MBA from AEE (Aalto University Executive Education; Finland), a PhD in Electrical Engineering from Aalto University (Finland), and two MSc degrees in Electrical Engineering from KTH (Royal Institute of Technology; Sweden) and UPM (Universidad Politecnica de Madrid; Spain). As part of his PhD studies, he was a visitor researcher at Columbia University (USA).